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Office and home decoration with framed posters

... or why order online

Framed posters are a great decoration for the office or home. They change the style and add elegance to any interior. Our pictures are on any subject.

When you order them online, you will receive your framed paintings ready for installation and delivered directly to your home or office.

When choosing picture frames, we follow a few basic rules:
It is good that the frame is slightly lighter than the main tone of the picture.
If the drawing is bright and light, we choose the frame to be made of natural wood or to be tinted in a very light color.
If we have chosen an abstract or minimalist painting, then we add simple and strict frames - made of tinted wood, thin, flat and without passe-partout (matt).

It is up to you to decide whether the colors of the frame and those of the poster are suitable for the wall on which you will hang it.

Professionally framed posters have a hard back and anti-reflective protective glass. It will reduce the fading of colors over time and protect them from mechanical damage. Despite the durability of the colors, it is not recommended to expose your poster to direct sunlight.

The frame we choose corresponds in style to the content of the picture. We offer ready-made framed paintings and we have selected the most suitable in size and model frames and passe-partout. But it is possible that you only order a poster on photo paper and frame it according to your taste and style of furniture.

Order an online framed picture as a gift or to decorate your home or office. Browse all the categories and choose the ones that best suit your mood and character.

We distributed all the pictures by topic, for easier orientation.

Once you have made your choice, the posters will be delivered directly to the address you specify. With added frame (and possibly passe-partout), ready to hang on the wall. No need to waste time framing them yourself.

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