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How to Remove Wall Stickers

Every sticker from Myroom Decor Stickers can be removed quickly and easily without causing any damage to your walls or leaving any residue.
This allows you to quickly change your room’s theme, adapting to changing style trends or a child increasing age.

You will need:
• A hairdryer
• A little patience

Depending on the quality of the adhesive and how long the sticker has been on the wall the adhesive grows stronger and may even start to soak into the paint. This makes it more likely to leave a residue on the wall as well. In this case it will be easier if you loosen it first by applying heat.

Wall Sticker Removal Process

Step 1

Turn on your hairdryer at the lowest setting to begin with.
Start with a small section of the sticker, holding the hairdryer 10 - 15 cm away from the wall, and test the temperature of the surface with your hand every few second.

When it feels warm to the touch, switch the hairdryer off.

Note! If the adhesive heats up too much it will become tacky and may not come away when you remove the vinyl wall decal.

Step 2

Now gently peel back a corner of the sticker. You could use a knife.
It should come easily away from the wall.  If it does not, bring the hairdryer back for a few more seconds and try again.

Continue peeling the decal off the wall, applying the heat from the hairdryer to each section as needed.

Work slowly to avoid causing damage to the paint underneath. This is where that patience comes in.

It is easier if you do it at a sharp angle – as parallel to the wall as possible.

Step 3

So there you have it .
If you follow these instructions you should find that your wall stickers come off without a trace.

Nevertheless, if there is any residue you, can gently clean it off with a damp cloth.
If the residue proves stubborn, a dab of a mild all-purpose cleaner like Cif cream should help.

Remember, if you have not used this kind of product on your paintwork before, then it is a good idea to test it on an inconspicuous area first. That way you will know how to remove wall word decals and other wall stickers without damaging the paintwork beneath.

If you have any issues with removing your sticker, please speak to one of our Customer Service Team by phone or email.