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Wall Decoration | Shapes  | Flowers 29, Tulip

Wall sticker Flowers 29, Tulip looks as if an artist has professionally painted it on the wall. With its gentle ornamented lines this wall decal adds a touch of romance to any interior.Some of th..

Wall Decoration | Shapes  | Hand Of Exuberance

Wall sticker Hand Of Exuberance is charming. A romantic wall decoration for bedroom or living room. One of our best sellers.Colour refers to the handSecond colour refers to the branch of exubrance..

Wall Decoration | Shapes  | Ornaments 211

Wall sticker Ornaments 211 for romantic interior. Looks really exotic on bedroom wall. Any colour will be good for this ornamented wall decal as far as it matches wall decoration...

Wall Decoration | Shapes  | Green Planet

This wall decal Green Planet is for those who love our planet and want to preserve it green...

Wall Decoration | Shapes  | Cook 971113, Running

Wall sticker Cook 971113, Running is a funny accent for the kitchen. Always provokes a smile, everybody likes this wall decal...

Wall Decoration | Shapes  | Bedroom Ornaments

Wall sticker Bedroom Ornaments looks like a painting on the wall. Fast and easy decoration with wall decals...

Wall Decoration | Shapes  | Ornament 0802, Leaf

This Wall sticker Leaf ornament 0802 with  its elegant style looks well both on bedroom, on kitchen or on sitting room wall. A good choice for fresh and modern looking interior decoration...

Wall Decoration | Shapes  | Abstract Lines

Wall sticker Abstract Lines is an extravagant geometric accent on the wall with a touch of style, artistic sense and temper.You see 2 stickers on the third picture...

Wall Decoration | Shapes  | Circles 204, With Lines

Wall sticker Circles 204, With Lines is an interesting accent on the wall with a touch of style. With its geometric shapes this wall decal is artistic sense and shows temper...

Wall Decoration | Shapes  | Tickling Feather

Wall Sticker For Bedroom Tickling Feather is a funny accent on the wall, that can entirely change the spirit of a living space, amusing you day after day...

Wall Decoration | Shapes  | Fine ornaments 804

Wall sticker Fine ornaments 804 looks as if an artist has professionally painted it on the wall. With its gentle ornamented lines this wall decal adds a touch of romance to any interior, especial..

Wall Decoration | Shapes  | Stems to Heaven

This abstract wall decal we called Stems to Heaven. For all those who are inclined to go up and up. Wall will be fantastic, only sky is the limit of your dreams. A wall decal that will match your..

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In this category we sorted Wall stickers  according to their shape. Geometric shapes are a bold decision for modern sounding design. Abstract shapes highlight your unique personality, the fine ornaments are for romantic natures. Select a sticker according to your taste and mood, stick it on the wall and enjoy the the entire change of the room.