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Wall Decoration | Bathroom  | Blots 0209

Wall stickers Blots 0209 are great for decorating any room wall. And these specific blots are funny and full of energy.  You can use these blots wall decals on any wall, even in bathroom. Ou..

Wall Decoration | Bathroom  | Bubbles 4402

Wall stickers Bubbles 4402 as elements for decorating bathroom are unbeatable. And these specific bubbles are full of joy and of energy, They are fantastic applied on shower door or on the tiles. You ..

Wall Decoration | Bathroom  | Circles 401

This Wall sticker Circles 401 with its simple shape suits well both bathroom and sitting room interior. A pretty nice accent on the ceiling, too...

Wall Decoration | Bathroom  | Dolphin

This wall sticker Dolphin belongs to our Animal collection. Best fits in bathroom interior. Provokes fantasy, a challenge for imagination. Enjoy the freedom of wild life...

Wall Decoration | Bathroom  | Fairy 77, Flower born

Stylized Fairy 77, Flower born is a gentle  wall decal with style. With its touch of romance it will give life to many walls. Looks great in any colour. You will enjoy your new wall decoration in..

Wall Decoration | Bathroom  | Flowers 14, Big Rose

This wall sticker Flowers 14, Big Rose is another gentle flower for bedroom or kitchen wall decoration. Fresh look and elegant lines. Looks great in any colour...

Wall Decoration | Bathroom  | Flowers 25, Hibiscus

This wall sticker Flowers 25, Hibiscus is another gentle flower for bedroom wall decoration. Elegant lines and beautiful look.The hibiscus is the national flower of Haiti and is used in their nat..

Wall Decoration | Bathroom  | Flowers 32, Big Rose

This wall sticker Flowers 32, Big Rose is another gentle flower for bedroom or kitchen wall decoration. Slim lines and stylish design. Looks great in any colour...

Wall Decoration | Bathroom  | Hand With Bubbles

Wall Sticker Hand With Bubbles fits perfectly into many stylish interiors...

Wall Decoration | Bathroom  | Lines 207

Wall sticker Lines 207 with its modern design is a good idea for a contemporary sitting room or for completing the interior of an extravagant bathroom...

Wall Decoration | Bathroom  | Turtle 708, Sure And Steady

Wall Sticker Turtle 708 is a provocative accent on any wall.  Sure And Steady, the Turtle with its shell is also a symbol of  protection. In any case, this wall decal will add some extravaga..

Wall Decoration | Bathroom  | Terracotta, 12 pcs.

We designed this set of 12 tile stickers having in mind the colors and shapes oc Terracotta. These repetitive motifs are simple, tiles are elegant, you will love them. Applying Tile stickers is f..

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All stickers in our collection can be applied in bathroom, too. On this page the selection was made rather by image than by material