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Kids Room

Wall Decoration | Kids Room  | You Are Braver

Wall writing sticker You Are Braver is with motivating words about what you are. Brilliant vinyl wall decal quote for home decor. Change the atmosphere of your sitting room in a minute....You areBrave..

Wall Decoration | Kids Room  | The Little Prince 0665

This wall sticker The Little Prince 0665 belongs to our collection dedicated to the charming character of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. A great accent for kids room. Provokes fantasy, a challenge for imag..

Wall Decoration | Kids Room  | Winnie the Pooh andFriends 46459102

This is a sticker for kids room or nursery. Winnie the Pooh andFriends 46459102 is fresh looking, colorful accent and children like it.You can see the specific dimensions of eac element in the additio..

Wall Decoration | Kids Room  | Rainbow 02

Wall writing Rainbow 02 is cheerful and fresh. A pretty accent on any wall, but most wonderful this accent is on kids room and nursery wall. Looks great on any background. You can rearrange ..

Wall Decoration | Kids Room  | Clouds 0210

Wall stickers Clouds 0210 as elements for decorating the wall are really unique and unbeatable. And these specific clouds are full of joy and of optimism, You can use these clouds wall decals on any &..

Wall Decoration | Kids Room  | Rainbow 04

Wall writing Rainbow 04 is gentle and fresh. A pretty accent on any wall, but most wonderful this accent is on kids room and nursery wall. Looks great on any background. ..

Wall Decoration | Kids Room  | Teddy Bear 01, With Balloons and Bubbles

Wall sticker Teddy Bear 1, With Balloons and Bubbles inspires fantasy, cheers up, enlivens kids room. Children like to have this wall decal in their room...

Wall Decoration | Kids Room  | Airplane 01, Among Clouds

Wall sticker Airplane among Clouds is great for boys room wall. Fathers like it, too. Provoke the flight of imagination with this air plane wall decal.Sticker Colour refers to the Plane.Second Colour ..

Wall Decoration | Kids Room  | Smiles

Wall sticker Smiles is a great idea for decorating kids room wall and for all for those who preserve the kid in them...

Wall Decoration | Kids Room  | Minnions Collection, Stuart

Wall stickers for children include our Minnions collection, too. Add a favourite Cartoon like Minnion Stuart on kids room wall and see how it will make your kid happyI Break The Rules..

Wall Decoration | Kids Room  | Omega Skin

This is a sticker for game lovers. The Omega Skin for For Fortnite Battle Royale Việt Nam could be applied in boys room. Omega Skin is a challenging, colorful accent and boys like it...

Wall Decoration | Kids Room  | Yacky Duck

This wall decal Yacky Duck belongs to  Favourite Collection. Children adore it on kids room wall. ..

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See here how numerous and how funny our Kids room wall decals are. Do not emit dangerous substances and are safe for babies and kids, they do not harm the surfaces. You remove them without chemicals and without traces. All kids decals can be applied on walls, on doors, windows, tiles and so on. When you need to cover a spot, a scratch or imperfections, kids wall decals are a fast and easy solution. The atmosphere will be amazingly fresh with just a funny sticker on kids room wall. Decals give life to the wall and create a fairy world.

Kids room wall stickers that we at Myroom Decor Ltd. offer are really wide range. Decals are a flexible and inexpensive way to create a unique atmosphere for a childs room at reasonable prices. You can be guided by your own ideas and tastes and, naturally, by the needs of the child.

Special attention is required for furnishing the room for girls and boys. In this light, the products from our online store look particularly enjoyable. They offer incredible possibilities for decorating rooms for girls and boys - from babies, to young children and teenagers. 

Popularly in the market  and yet annoying is the idea that the room of the girls should be decorated only in pink colors, and the boys room only in blue. Baby wall stickers on neutral colors (white, pastel, light beige, and so on) will allow you to have complete control over all the irritating and stimulating factors in the interior of the nursery. Bright colors are certainly a good solution, but if they are over exposed, some children may have trouble sleeping.

With the wall stickers we offer, you have an excellent opportunity to create a unique interior in the nursery, which could be changed as the childs age increases with minimal effort and investment. If the room belongs to a boy, childrens wall stickers are finding a particularly quick solution to the problem of interior decoration. 

Beside the fact that wall decals can create the necessary emphasis on the perception of living space, they effectively help to hide a wallpaper defect, can save repainting of damaged walls and furniture, which is often the result of childhood mischief. Using a wall sticker, you can turn any blemish into an advantage without repairing the room, without tapping wallpaper or repairing the furniture. In addition, these stickers are easy to clean, thus retaining their original fresh look for a long time. 

The site offers a wide range of stickers on the walls, which will undoubtedly be interesting to the parents. For most young creatures we offer patches with baby animals, flowers and other elements of nature, magic fairies and heroes in Disney animations, princess castles, and other patches of similar topics. Additionally, decal stickers for childrens rooms in the form of letters, numbers, and other elements other than a purely decorative function may have an educational function. 

There is a great variety of wall stickers for the boys room. You can choose among Various colors and sizes, both single stickers and entire compositions on nursery wall and ceiling . Cars and planes, spacecrafts and sea adventures, animals, favorite cartoon characters, and more.

Selecting our decals and wall stickers can bring a lot of fun to you and your child even in the process of choosing interior solutions for its room. In addition, we can produce bespoke kids wall decals in a very short time.